Create a Client Culture that Makes Loyal (sticky!) clients. Your way.

Leticia Mooney
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As sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer once quipped, 'Would you prefer your spouse satisfied or loyal?' When you think about it, the same question applies to your customers too.

Creating sticky (loyal, happy) clients is really about the message that you want to convey to others.

It isn’t just about great service design. It’s about ownership, team support, culture, and great communication.

I first delivered this seminar at law industry conferences in Australia. Its content came about after my own experiences building and designing a service culture that created clients who felt like family... and teaching my own clients to do the same.

Now I coach writing professionals in this type of service design, as part of their professional growth.

Creating Sticky Clients is something about which I am super passionate. The reality is that content, publishing, and communications IS a customer touchpoint… or could be if it isn’t for you right now. Service design and content design are inextricably related for ONE simple reason:

Everything you exhibit is a demonstration of your message. Your message isn’t just in your content; it’s in your service, your company behaviours, and it forms part of your reputation.

~ Leticia Mooney

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