Blog Writing & Publishing Guide (template)

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Blog Writing & Publishing Guide (template)

Leticia Mooney
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This template is a complete guide for writing blogs.

It includes:

  • A full breakdown (heading, introduction, content, call to action)
  • How to write each section
  • Requirements checklists (e.g. images, SEO, tags...)
  • Editing checklist
  • Accessibility checklist.

This can be printed and used as a reminder when you're writing blogs. Or you can take it and turn it into a notepad to capture your ideas.

It is ideal for micro businesses and solo practitioners who aren't content-savvy but who want to make blogs that go BANG! :O)

Note: This is branded Brutal Pixie, which is the former name and brand of my company.

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A complete writing and publishing guide in a single A4 page.

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